The four oversight functions of the UN Human Rights Committee

Заголовок: The four oversight functions of the UN Human Rights Committee Сведения: 2024-04-09 15:55:40

The task of the Human Rights Committee is to monitor and monitor the implementation of the obligations assumed by States parties under the Covenant. One of the strengths of the Committee is its moral authority, due to the fact that its members represent all regions of the world. Thus, representing a wide range of geographical and national factors, the Committee literally has a global reach. In carrying out its control and oversight functions, the Committee performs four essential duties. First, it receives and reviews reports from States parties on the measures they are taking to implement the rights enshrined in the Covenant. Secondly, the Committee prepares so-called general comments, the purpose of which is to assist States parties in implementing the provisions of the Covenant by clarifying in more detail the basic and procedural obligations of States parties. Thirdly, the Committee receives and considers individual complaints or "communications" under the Optional Protocol from individuals who claim that the State party has violated their rights under the Covenant. Fourthly, the Committee is authorized to consider certain complaints by a State party about non-compliance by another State party with its obligations under the Covenant.



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